Timber Joist Repair

Repair Joist Ends, Splice on new wood,

fill holes, slots and notches in joists

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Repair wood joists - Joist Repair Plates or Joist Splice Plates

Joist Repair Kits - ready made Kits, including the timber machined by us to original size, if necessary.


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To repair joist ends or replace sections call: 01626 331351

Joist End Repair Plates are supplied as pairs of galvanized steel plates, pre-drilled, to be fixed with Coach Screws (included). The plates rest in or on the wall and allow for the rotted end to be cut off.

All types - maximum joist width allowable is 3 inches, (75mm), for all plate sizes. They are for Domestic Floor Loadings only.

BM6 Kit - allows for up to 6 inches, (150mm), to be cut off - joist size minimum 4 inches, (100mm) deep up to a maximum of 7 inches, (175mm) deep.

BM9 Kit - allows for up to 9 inches, (225mm), to be cut off - joist size minimum 4 inches, (100mm ) deep up to a maximum of 7 inches, (175mm) deep.

BM17 Kit - allows for up to 17 inches, 432mm, to be cut off - joist size minimum 6 inches, (150mm) deep up to a maximum of 9 inches, (225mm) deep.

Shown below - BM6 next to a 9 inch (225mm) deep timber. Normally a BM17 would be used for this size.

Note - coach screws supplied with the kit require pilot holes to be drilled, to avoid splitting the wood.

Joist End Repair Plates - fixed with coach screws using a socket wrench.

These steel plate BM Kits can also be used as splices to join on a new piece of joist - ask for double the number of Coach Screws, plus two Bolt Sets for extra security.

When working above ceilings the plates can be reversed so that the flanges rest on the ceiling itself, to avoid opening up and having to rebate the underneath of the joists.

Don't forget to treat all cut ends of just using our Boron Ultra Gel 20% to prevent future rot and insect attack.

We can provide joists machined to match the old Imperial sizes - modern joists are Metric and will not be suitable for plate splicing due to being thinner than the originals.

Joist Splice Plate Kits are supplied as pairs of plates made from anodised aluminium treadplate, un-drilled, to be fixed with self drilling and tapping screws (included). The plates allow you to joint domestic joists at any point along their length.

Maximum Joist Width allowable is 3 inches, 75mm, for Domestic Floor Loadings only.

JSP Small Kit - for joists from 4 inches up to 6 inches, 100mm - 150mm, in depth

JSP Medium Kit - for joists from 6 inches to 8 inches, 150mm - 200mm, in depth

JSP Large Kit - for joists from 8 inches up to 10 inches, 200mm to 250mm, in depth

Fixed with self piercing screws with built in washers

Alternative joist repair method - Timber-Resin Splice Kit

Method - How to repair Joist Ends with a Timber-Resin Splice Kit

  1. Prop the joists to ground
  2. Cut off the damaged part (any length)
  3. Make a slot in the top face, or a pair of slots in the side face to our Design Sketch (provided)
  4. Dry fit the new piece of wood which already has bars fitted (this is the Timber-Resin Splice itself) - if it fits properly seal the butting face with the quick setting filler provided
  5. Complete the repair by either pouring resin into the top slot or injecting into the side slots
  6. Timber-Resin Splice to joist, resin being poured into a top slot

    Pouring resin into a Top Slotted  Timber Resin Splice

    Larger joists, in manufacture, showing the connector bars

    Large Timber Resin Slices

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